Suwannee Academic Boosters Celebrate Students Accepted into 4-Year Universities

The Suwannee Academic Boosters recently hosted a Student Recognition Luncheon to honor the outstanding achievements of Suwannee High School students who have been accepted into prestigious 4-year universities.  This luncheon served as a platform to celebrate the academic excellence and dedication demonstrated by these exceptional students.

The following students were recognized for their remarkable accomplishments:

  • Johanna Alicea: Bethune-Cookman University

  • Claire Carpenter: Auburn University

  • John Carvalho: University of West Florida

  • Madison Dear: Florida State University

  • Catarina Faria: Wentworth Institute of Technology

  • Andres Gomez: University of South Florida

  • Paul Gunter: University of Florida

  • Andrew Harrell: Ole Miss

  • Michael Herring: University of Florida

  • Benjamin Lewis: University of Florida

  • Audrey Lord: Harvard University

  • Robyn Lumpkins: Albany State University

  • Madison McMillan: Wingate University

  • Kale Neely: University of Florida

  • Brendan Pardee: University of West Florida

  • Joshua Pyke: Florida State University

  • Ja’launa Reynolds: Florida State University

  • Elizabeth Roberts: Wingate University

  • William Wainwright: University of Iowa

  • Sunnie Zheng: University of Central Florida

The luncheon featured Judge Jennifer Kuyrkendall as the guest speaker, who shared insightful perspectives and words of encouragement to inspire the students to continue their pursuit of knowledge and success.

A special thank you was extended to RIVEROAK Technical College’s Professional Culinary Arts and Hospitality program for their contribution to the luncheon.

The Suwannee Academic Boosters commend these students for their academic prowess, dedication, and commitment to excellence.  As these students embark on their academic journeys at various universities, they carry with them the pride and support of the entire Suwannee High School community. Congratulations to all the recognized students, and may their future endeavors be filled with continued success and achievement.