Suwannee County School District Celebrates Excellence at 2023-2024 Teacher of the Year and School-Related Banquet

The Suwannee County School District hosted its highly anticipated 2023-2024 Teacher of the Year and School-Related Banquet, a joyous occasion recognizing the dedication, passion, and excellence demonstrated by educators and support staff throughout the district.

Teacher of the Year - Theda Roper

The coveted title of Teacher of the Year was awarded to Theda Roper from Suwannee Springcrest Elementary. Roper's commitment to forming meaningful relationships with her students and parents stood out, as she emphasized the importance of creating a trusting environment for academic success and growth.

Theda Roper shared, "Forming relationships with my students and parents is the most important part of teaching. When students feel safe in a trusting environment, academic success and growth will happen naturally. Parents have entrusted me with their most precious treasure, their child and because of that a bond is formed."

School-Related Employee of the Year - Courtney McHugh

Courtney McHugh from Suwannee Opportunity School was recognized as the School-Related Employee of the Year.

McHugh shared, "This truly is an honor, as well as, a surprise.  I come to work with hopes to make a difference in one student's life.  Everyday might not be a success, but we always can try again the next day."

School-Related Employees of the Year

The banquet also celebrated outstanding contributions from School-Related Employees of the Year across various schools and departments:

  • Tresca Anderson - Suwannee Riverside
  • Kelly Melland - Suwannee Pineview
  • Tara Brock - Suwannee Springcrest
  • Leslie Ramsey - Suwannee Middle
  • Cynthia Ford - Suwannee High
  • Lori Smith - RIVEROAK
  • Anthony Jackson - Branford Elementary
  • Wendy Jones - Branford High
  • Rosa Perez - District Office
  • Terry Murray - Facilities
  • Landon Messer - IT Department
  • Jack Powell - Transportation
  • Courtney McHugh - School Choice

Rookie Teachers of the Year

Recognizing the fresh talent in the district, Rookie Teachers of the Year were acknowledged for their promising contributions:

  • Hannah Knighton - Branford Elementary
  • Hannah George - Branford High
  • Nikolas Hurst - Suwannee Pineview
  • Mallory Jackson - Suwannee Riverside
  • Ariel Jennings - Suwannee Springcrest
  • Cody Menhennett - Suwannee Middle
  • Guadalupe Romula-Vasquez - Suwannee High
  • Amber Bonk - Suwannee Opportunity
  • Olivia Bruening - RIVEROAK

Grandmaster Teachers of the Year

These seasoned educators were celebrated for their wisdom and extensive experience:

  • Carla Suggs - Branford Elementary
  • Stacy Young - Branford High
  • Michelle Mowry - Suwannee Pineview
  • Michele Turman - Suwannee Riverside
  • Natalie Haney - Suwannee Springcrest
  • Lisa Gray - Suwannee Middle
  • Paula McMillan - Suwannee High
  • Angie Hester - Suwannee Opportunity
  • Sandra Winburn - Suwannee Virtual

Teachers of the Year

The district acknowledged Teachers of the Year from various schools:

  • Lynsee Dicks - Branford Elementary
  • Deanna Simpson - Branford High
  • Shannon White - Suwannee Pineview
  • Jamie Cato - Suwannee Riverside
  • Sue Ratliff - Suwannee Middle
  • Jay Jolicoeur - Suwannee High
  • Chantal Gustavson - Suwannee Opportunity
  • Jeffry Boatright - Suwannee Virtual
  • Jeremy Ulmer - RIVEROAK

The Suwannee County School District commends these exceptional educators and staff members for their outstanding contributions to the learning community. Their dedication and passion continue to shape the lives of students and contribute to the overall success of the district.