Suwannee Academic Boosters Celebrate Excellence at Student Recognition Luncheon

The Suwannee Academic Boosters held a Student Recognition Luncheon to honor Suwannee High School students who demonstrated exceptional performance on their end-of-course exams (EOCs). This event served as a platform to applaud the hard work and dedication of the students who excelled academically.

The following students were recognized for their outstanding achievements:

Callie Ayala

Lola Ballard

Christopher Caldwell

Cade Cannon

Maria Cortes-Wilkes

Jeremiah Daniels

Emma Dean

Lily Ingram

Jonas Jernigan

Krista Law

Carli Mantooth

Trenton Marshall

Evan McMillan

Layla Merola

Janeah Mitchell

Quinton Moore

Benson Nissley

Charles Parker

Brigadere Scott

Alexander Skelton

The Suwannee Academic Boosters commend these students for their academic prowess and commitment to excellence. Their achievements reflect not only their individual efforts, but also the supportive educational environment provided by Suwannee High School.

The event also featured Ben Glass from the Suwannee River Water Management District as the guest speaker. Thank you Ben for your insights and words of encouragement to help inspire the students to continue their pursuit of knowledge and success.

A special thank you to RIVEROAK Technical College’s Professional Culinary Arts and Hospitality program for their contribution to the luncheon. The students were treated to delicious burgers.