Finance Academy Goals

Students in the Finance Academy learn about the following:

  • Budgeting
  • Consumer Credit
  • Personal Money Management
  • Accounting Applications
  • Job Preparation
  • Bank Management
  • Team-Building / Problem-Solving Skills
  • Financial Career Planning

To further understand the world of  Finance, we:

  • Tour First Federal Bank in Lake City
  • Tour Federal Reserve in Jacksonville
  • Take Walking Field Trips with projects

Academy Requirements

Students in the Finance Academy must meet the following Requirments:

  • 2.5 GPA
  • No Discipline Issues
  • Good Attendance
  • Interest in Finance
  • Motivated

(Certain requirements may be waived upon approval of administration)

Courses Offered

Accounting: Learn about the principles of accounting as it applies to business! This class involves Quickbooks Certification, a preference for many jobs in business!

Financial Internship & Job: The First Federal Bulldog Bank offers internships and four paid manager positions. These positions count as an elective.  You may also intern in our Bulldog Store!

Personal Finance: Learn how to manage and budget your personal money! Learn about bank accounts, auto purchasing, buying a house, loans, credit cards, stocks & bonds, and more!  

Computing for College & Careers: Train and certify in Microsoft products such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.