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Guidance Counselors at SHS

The SHS Guidance Office operates with reduced staff over the summer. Due to this, parents/students are asked to email with questions or concerns rather than calling. Concat information for counselors is below:

Freshman Counselor Karen Williams Returns to work July 31
Sophmore Counselor Cindy Hiers Returns to work July 31
Junior Counselor Melinda Griffith
Senior Counselor Cindy Wiggins

Graduation Requirements

Suwannee High School is required by Florida Statute to follow certain guidelines for graduation. Those guidelines are created by State Legislation in adherance with applicable Federal Regulation.

Students may earn one or more designations on their standard high school diploma:

  • the Scholar designation
  • the Merit designation

Requirements are listed in the graduation requirements charts below

For more information from the Department of Education clickin HERE

Florida Shines

Florida Shines provides an array of academic advising, career readiness and distance learning resources for students and parents.

These state-funded academic advising services make it easy for high school students to prepare for college or a career after graduation by:

  • Enabling them to evaluate their progress toward high school graduation, college and career readiness and scholarship eligibility
  • Explore Florida's college and university offerings (both traditional and distance learning programs)
  • Learn about financial aid and apply for admission
  • Access online library resources used within Florida's colleges and universities (Dual Enrollment/AP Required)

Click HERE to visit the Florida Shines website.